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MrSilverTrumpet - AV20 Violin Front View MrSilverTrumpet - AV20 Violin Rear View

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Based on the Guarneri inspired V60 and V30, this student model has distinguishing quality and sound. The V20K violin uses carefully selected woods, aged, highly flamed maple back and sides and a special oil-varnish process normally found on higher-priced models

All models feature:

  • Fully Hand-Carved
  • Spruce tops and Maple neck, back & sides are seasoned & aged 5+ years
  • Ebony fingerboards
  • Design Type: Guarneri del Gesu
  • Bridge: Aubert "Luxe" Type with Parchment
  • Oil varnish hand applied Reddish-golden shading
  • Boxwood Tailpiece
  • Fine Tuner: Wittner™ (on E-String)
  • Inlaid purfling (Purfling serves to reinforce the plates and prevent cracking along their edges.)
  • Rosewood tuning pegs and tailpieces (not found on most instruments in this price range)
  • And expert set-ups completed by luthiers at the internationally renowned Guarneri House.


AV20-SG Violin includes:

  • Cloth-covered dart-shaped case with shoulder strap
  • Schwartz Rosin
  • Boxwood Chin Rest
  • Brazilian Wood Bow
  • & Thomastik™ Dominant Strings

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MrSilverTrumpet - AV20 Violin with Bow and Case

Yamaha Comparison Chart

Yamaha Violin Comparison Chart
MrSilverTrumpet - Side View of a Violin


Watch this video to get a great understanding as to why Yamaha violins are top quality instruments and why you will will not be disappointed in your decision of owing one.

Free Accessories includes:

Music Stand
FREE (with purchase)

MrSilverTrumpet - Yamaha MS-1000 Music Stand

This American classic design is perfect for use in the classroom and at home.

Complete with an included gig bag, this stand folds for easy storage and portability with a spring-loaded trigger release.

The two section vertical shaft with cam locking clutch and tilting book plate features make this stand adjustable for sitting or standing positions.

The fold out extensions with a size point hinge system can hold three 8.5" x 11" steets.
Other features include:

•Tribod style legs
•Book Plate: 9" foldable with 1" return lip
•Height adjustment: 26" - 40"
•Base spread: 21"
•Black powder coat finish

Ingles Adjustable Violin/Viola Stand
FREE (with purchase)

MrSilverTrumpet - Sho-All SA20 Violin Stand

This great Violin stand will allow you to keep your instrument and bow, with it's shoulder rest attached, ready to play.

Folding nearly flat for storage, it features two height-adjustable cushioned arms to support the instrument's bottom and a third with a safety bar to secure the neck.

The bow hangs from a cushioned hook out of harm's way, behind the instrument and off the floor.

Grip knobs for easy adjustment to height of stand.

Sturdy metal construction.

Fully adjustable stand fits all Yamaha Violin and Viola sizes.

All violins are brand new in a box!!

All Violins come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty


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