Yamaha ST7


Yamaha ST9


Yamaha ST5

The ST7 (1st Generation), ST9 (2nd Generation) and the ST5 on the left colummn, are all fully compatible with the PM1 - PM9 mutes pictured on the right column.


Yamaha PM1-PM9 Mutes

PM1 - PM9 Mutes

Yamaha STX


The STX Personal Studio module (3rd generation) came new technology called
Brass Resonance Modeling™ The unit is fully compatable with the PM3X - PM7X mutes.

Yamaha PM3X-PM7X
Yamaha STX


Yamaha STX


The STX-2 (We'll call it generation 3A), as well as the lastest model, the STJ (4th generation) is fully compatable with the PM1X - PM7X mutes

Yamaha Silent Brass Mutes

PM1X - PM7X Mutes

The word fully is in bold in each section above, meaning these modules in the left column were originally designed for the mutes in the right column.

HOWEVER, we have tested every module with both mute styles and they ALL interchangeably worked, but not to their fullest capability.

What we mean by not fully working is, for example, an old ST7 or ST5 Personal Studio module will allow you to hear yourself with headphone using the new styled mutes, as well as with the old styled mutes. You are just not going to get the lastest technology, namely Brass Resonance Modeling™, using old modules with new mutes. Vice verses, Old mutes used with new Personal Studio technology will not give all the technology incorporated with the newer modules.

Read all the lastest about the STJ Personal Studio and how many of the newest features WILL work with the old mutes.