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Bonsai Systems


QuantiForce Brass

Your Individual Lip Pressure



MrSilverTrumpet - Bonsai Systems - QuantiForce Brass MrSilverTrumpet - Bonsai Systems - QuantiForce Brass

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Learn Easier

QuantiForce Brass supports you in developing your playing technique as well as playing and practicing more efficiently. Learn how to use just the right force and improve your technique rapidly.

Play Safer

Focus on the force applied to the mouthpiece. An appropriate force can be beneficial for the health of your lips which can increase your playing endurance. Your lips will benefit from an improved force awareness.

In Class and At Home

QuantiForce is the ideal companion for teachers to spot problems in class. At home, musicians can record their practice sessions and discuss them later with their teacher.




Get important insights

Protect your lips!

QuantiForce Brass is the ultimate tool to gather objective and individual insights in brass playing. Measure lip pressure at the mouthpiece with unprecedented precision and combine it with sound pressure level measurements that capture even your loudest tone. See all data in real time for an immediate feedback on your playing or record the data for comparison with other players or later analysis.

Raise your playing awareness with ease - at home, in class and even on stage!




Teaching and Learning

A powerful tool for both

With QuantiForce Brass applying the appropriate force is made easy. Both teachers and students have a powerful tool at hand to see the actual lip force while playing, which was never that easy before. Several visualizations help to understand the force applied in different playing situations and in relation to loudness or played notes. And - to make it even more useful - visual alerts can be adjusted individually with your fingertips.




With this supportive tool inappropriate lip pressure is recognized immediately or even avoided in advance. Explore new and exciting ways of teaching and learning with QuantiForce Brass by Bonsai Systems!

Install within seconds

Fits virtually any brass instrument

The integrated clamp at the backside of QuantiForce Brass lets you quickly and easily mount the sensor onto your brass instrument. No matter if it is a Trumpet, Euphonium, Tuba, French horn, or Trombone. Feel free to ask for other brass instruments.

Cork padding protects for your lead pipe and mouthpiece from becoming marred.

Immediate visual feedback

See the invisible forces

Connect QuantiForce Brass via Bluetooth to the free companion iOS app (Android Beta available) for immediate display of the measured data while you are playing. Gather helpful insights during play or record the data for offline analysis with your teacher.

Android Beta App
Live feedback on tablet and smartphone.

QuantiForce Brass was developed in collaboration with Prof. Matthias Bertsch from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Watch the videos for his comments on how QuantiForce Brass can help to play safer and to enhance learning (German, with English subtitles):

  1. Prof. Matthias Bertsch explains QuantiForce Brass

  2. How much force is necessary?

  3. How does QuantiForce enhance teaching and learning?




Testamonial From Andrea Tofanelli

International Trumpet Artist and Clinician, check out his YouTube channel

“The Bonsai System is probably one of the most important because you can see in real time how much pressure you put in your playing and it’s incredible, this is not only useful for students also for the professional players and for the professors it is incredible.

I’ve been playing the trumpet for 44 years, there have been some things speaking about this problem, you know trying to fix this problem. This is probably – for sure the best thing that has ever been made to control how much pressure you put while playing, so I’m totally for these and what can I say this is useful! This is completely useful!!

"I made big progress in range and really, really big progress in endurance."

Jakob, trumpet student,

after 10 months of using QuantiForce Brass

We gave QuantiForce Brass to Jakob who is studying trumpet. Since then, he is using QuantiForce Brass in his daily practicing. In the video he talks about his experience with QuantiForce Brass and how QuantiForce Brass has helped him to reach his learning goals.

English | German


mouthpiece adapter

Individual mouthpiece adapter componets

External Loudness Measurements

Mouthpiece adapter componets assembled

Toolless Installing

Mouthpiece adapter a mouthpiece

Force * Loudness Display

Mouthpiece adapter with a mouthpiece

Force vs. Loudness Display

Sensor Unit side view

Time Series Display

Sensor Unit back view

Camera Image Display

Sensor Unit & Mouthpiece adapter

Save to Video

Sensor Unit & Mouthpiece adapter assmbled

Save to Video

Sensor Unit, Mouthpiece adapter with mouthpiece

Camera Image Display

QuantiForce on a Cornet


Save to Video

QuantiForce on a Trumpet

Save to Video

QuantiForce on a Cornet


Camera Image Display

QuantiForce on a French Horn

Save to Video

QuantiForce on a French Horn

Save to Video

QuantiForce on a French Horn

PLA bioplastics

Environmentally friendly

We use biodegradable material from renewable resources (PLA) wherever possible. The electronics are RoHS compliant and produced in Europe.

Features of the App

Lip Force

Lip Force

Measure the force that is applied to the mouthpiece with a resolution of approximately 1 N (~100 gram).

External Loudness

External Loudness Measurements

Measure loudness at the smartphone or tablet that runs the app.

Toolless Installing

Toolless Installing

Easily mount the sensor and the force plate onto instruments using the integrated clamp without the need of any tools.

Force & Loudness Display

See the current lip force and loudness in real-time on a clear display with circle and bar visual elements in the app.

Force vs. Loudness Display

Force vs. Loudness Display

See the relation of lip force and loudness in real-time on a 2D graph display in the app.

Time Series Display

Time Series Display

See how lip force and loudness vary over time on time series graph displays in the app.

Camera Image Display

Camera Image Display

Optionally display the live camera image from the front or back camera of the device that runs the app.

Save To Video

Save to Video

Record the live display to a movie file which you can analyze later or share. Everything the app displays is recorded, including the live camera image if selected.

Data Sheet

Force update Rate 12.5 Hz
Force Channels 1
Force Resolution ca. 100 gr. (1 N)
Loudness Sensor (smartphone/tablet)
Loudness Update Rate 12.5 Hz
Battery LIfe 10 Hours
Charging micro-USB
(Cable Included)
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 LE (BLE)
Requirements iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 9 or newer, or compareable Adroid device
Dimensions 4 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 2 1/8"
107 x 48 x 54 mm
Weight 4.4 oz
124 g


QuantiForce Brass Live User Manual (pdf)

Bonsai Systems - QuantiForce Brass LIVE comes with a 1 year warranty!