STJ Silent Brass Personal Studio

$144.95 Module only
$154.95 with 3-Way adapter

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STJ Personal Studio

This is the unit that you will need to power your Silent Brass Mute.
This module works on all the lastest PM1X thru PM7X mutes.
This module will also work with the older mutes, however you will not get the Brass Resonance Modeling™ effect with the older mutes. Check our compatibility chart for more details

STJ Yamaha Personal Studio for Silent Brass

There were three major upgrades to the unit. The first two are associated with what Yamaha calls Brass Resonance Modeling™ Ver.2.0

  1. Greater control over reverb. Yamaha has brought back one of the original features found in the first Silent Brass ST7 module, reverb. You can now once again hear yourself as if you were in a large hall or just in a room.
  2. reverb hall switchreverb graph


  3. You now have the ability to hear in your ears what the audience is hearing instead of just from your vantage point. When you perform and practice, you hear yourself from the mouthpiece side of the instrument. Now, when you play, you can imagine yourself sitting out in front of the audience and listening to your performance. Very interesting concept and approach for a practice mute!

  4. stj player audience



  5. You can record the music directly from your Silent Brass™ mute. With the provided Micro-B to USB-A cable, you can connect directly to a desktop or laptop computer and record your performance! With an adapter (not provided), you can also connect directly to your phone or tablet.

  stj usb to computer cablestj usb to computer connection

Yamaha has a free app named Rec'n'Share, available for Apple and Android. With this app, you can record video or sound of your performance as you play along. You can easily share that recording over the internet and social media. You can also analyze and change the original tempo and add a click sound to the song for ease in practicing. You can use the AB repeat function to playback a specific range of the song.

To use the Rec'n'Share app, you will need an additional adapter, or read below.

stj usb to computer connectionstj usb to computer connection

HOWEVER, there is an alternative that we have created to make the use of this app easier. Instead of buying additional adapters, we have an adapter that can be used on either Apple or Android.
The cost for this adatper is only
$10.00 more with the purchase of any Silent Brass™ product. Or $14.95 by itself.

MrSilverTrumpet 3in1 AdapterAdpater connected to STJ module

Connecting to the female USB-A from the cable provided with the STJ, you can input your performance into your Apple or Android phone or tablet using one of the three connections: Lightning, USB Micro-B, or USB-C.

Adpater connected to STJ moduleMrSilverTrumpet 3in1 AdapterAdpater connected to STJ moduleAdpater connected to STJ module

When you don't need this adapter for your STJ Personal Studio module, you can connect a flash drive to the USB-A and then use the appropriate connection for your device for easy transfer of photos and files.

Adpater connected to apple iPadAdapter connected to Android phone

Personal Studio STJ


(W x D x H) 70.2 x 30 x 121.3 mm
(2-3/4"W x 1 3/16"D x 4-7/8"H)
Weight 112g (4 oz) without batteries
This unit is small enough to fit easily into your shirt pocket or be attached to your belt. This makes it very portable and convenient.

Player Mode

Brass Resonance Modeling™ is original Yamaha technology that effectively cancels the characteristic closed sound of a mute, reproducing the open, natural sound of the unmuted instrument. This reduces stress on players by allowing them to practice and play freely without feeling restricted by the mute. 

 Brass Resonance Modeling utilizes three simultaneous processes to produce the realistic tone of the brass instrument

1. Cancel the distinctive mute sound

Sound picked up by the microphone at the end of the pickup mute is processed digitally to cancel out the characteristic “closed” sound of the mute.


2. Add the instrument’s natural sound

The natural sound that emanates from the bell and returns to the player’s ears when the instrument is played without a mute is reproduced and added.



3. Adjust left-right balance to match the player’s position

The timing, volume, and tone of the sound reaching the player’s left and right ears are individually adjusted, and reverb is added as needed to accurately simulate the feel of playing in a room or hall.



Aux In Jack

This jack allows an external sound source to be combined with the signal coming from the mute, such as an MP3 player, Tablet, Cell phone or CD Player. You can then play along with your favorite song in practice and performance settings, putting the fun back in your practice sessions.


Mute In Jack - The mute "input" jack allows a quick and easy connection to any of the 6 new Silent Brass Mutes. Phones Jack - The headphone "output" jack allows the Silent Brass system to be connected to earphones for private practice, an external sound system for sound reproduction, or to a recording system for public performance and recording. Contols - Microphone Volume and a Main Volume control, Reverb dial, PLY/AUD (Player or Audience), Room/Hall, ON/OFF
Power Supply - AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride batteries x 2 (3V DC)

STJ Personal Studio includes:

Personal Studio STJ

Earplug-style Stereo Headphones

USB Cable

Owner's Manual

This system is brand new in a box!!

Silent Brass comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty


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