YSV-104 Silent/Electric Violin

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The YSV-104 violin comes in 3 different colors: Black, Brown, and Red

MrSilverTrumpet - Yamaha YSV-104 ViolinYamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NTYamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT

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YAMAHA YSV-104 Silent/Electric Violin

The YSV104 Silent Violin returns to the original Silent Violin concept as a refined practice instrument that provides an ideal blend of features and playability for violin players.

The YSV104 is a new version of the SILENT Violin that incorporates Yamaha’s exclusive SRT Powered system. SRT Powered system simulates the natural sound and resonance of an acoustic violin by using samples that were recorded using high-quality microphones that were placed in the position of the player’s ears. This gives players a natural playing experience through headphones, while its solid body design has reduced the actual sound output.

Even without a resonant body, the SRT POWERED system faithfully reproduces the body resonance, sound and ambience of an acoustic violin. The YSV104 is an excellent choice for all players who want to practice quietly with acoustic violin tone.


We are also selling a complete package that includes a Bow, Violin Gig Case, & Rosin at this link.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT


Easy switchover from traditional acoustic violin

The layout of the bridge, tailpiece, neck, and other parts is the same as an acoustic violin, and the ability to use standard off-the-shelf Bridge-type shoulder rests facilitates a smooth, stress-free transition from acoustic violin to the SILENT Violin and back. Proper bow angle and finger placement give beginners a solid foundation to grow from.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT

The first Silent Violin to feature the Yamaha SRT Powered system

Although the YSV104 is a solid-body instrument that does not resonate like an acoustic violin, the SRT POWERED system faithfully reproduces the rich presence and tonal variety that are appealing characteristics of acoustic violin sound. Left and right channel volume, frequency response, and delay have been carefully optimized so that the performer can play while hearing realistic acoustic tone and resonance via the earphones.

*SRT: Studio Response Technology

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT

Streamlined control box supports practice

Two reverb modes provide ambience optimized for practice and playing enjoyment. "ROOM" provides realistic room ambience that is ideally suited to practice, while "HALL" simulates the deep, rich reverb of a concert hall for pure playing enjoyment. An external audio source can be connected to the control box for play-along practice.

*The control box is for use with the YSV104 only. It cannot be used with other SILENT Violin models.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT


Connections and System Examples

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YSV-104



Size & Weight
Dimensions W-8.11" x H-22.95" x D-4.37"
W-206mm x H-583mm x D-111mm
Weight - Instrument 1 lbs 1 oz (490g)
Weight - Control Box 2.5 oz (70g)

Size 4/4
Body Spruce
Side/Frame Plastic
Neck Maple
Finger Board Rosewood

Bridge Maple (with built-in pickup)
Tuning Pegs Ebony
Tailpiece Synthetic Resin (equipped with fine tuners)
Chin Rest Plastic
Strings D'Addario Zyex

Design/Architecture Detail
Pick Up System Piezo Pickup (Bridge)

Master Volume Yes
Other Controls Sound type switch (Room/Hall)

AUX IN Yes (mini jack type) 1/8" 3.5mm
PHONE OUT Yes (mini jack type) 1/8" 3.5mm

Power Supply
Power Supply 2 - AA size 1.5V battery
Battery Life YAlkaline: maximum 29 hrs. Nickel-metal: maximum 24 hrs.

Earphone Yes
Cable 2 - 1/8" Male to Male
Other Control Box


Yamaha also makes the YEV-104

So what is the difference between the YEV-104 and the YSV-104?

YEV = Yamaha Electric Violin

YSV = Yamaha Silent Violin
Practice - N/A Practice - 1/8" jack to a control box then to Headphones
Performance - 1/4' jack - Plug into Amp Performance - 1/8" jack to control box then to an Amp
Finish - Natural wood frame and body Finish - Lacquer solid-body with lightweight frame
Price - Starting at $610.00 Price - Starting at $775.00

Free Accessories with purchase includes:

Music Stand

D'Addario Light Rosin

YEV-104 Electric Violin Includes:

YSV-104 Violin
2 - 1/8" jack - male to male
Owner's manual

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All Silent Strings come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty


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