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The YEV-105 violin comes in 2 colors: Natural and Black

MrSilverTrumpet - YEV-105NTYamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-105NT

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YAMAHA YEV-105 Electric Violin

A new kind of electric violin taking its design inspiration from the organic beauty of wood, the simplicity of clean lines, and the comfort of light weight, combined with innovative Yamaha sound to create this gorgeous live-performance instrument.

This instrument is a 5 string violin, with the 5th string being a lower C string for playing viola parts as well.

Inspired by craft and design elements of Yamaha acoustic guitars, Yamaha set out to design a new kind of electric violin made primarily from wooden materials. This instrument takes a design cue from both violin and acoustic guitar shapes, creating a beautiful yet amazingly lightweight instrument made with six different woods. These wood materials are carefully crafted with an airy infinity loop-like design, representing the dimensions of acoustic space, and is as stunning visually as it is fun to play. Using a unique Yamaha bridge pickup that carries over from professional Yamaha Silent Violins, this instrument delivers a smooth, organic and warm tone. The design incorporates a simple 1/4” input to match the clean and natural aesthetic of this innovative electric violin.


We are also selling a complete package that includes a Bow, Violin Gig Case, & Rosin at this link.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-105NT Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-105NT Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-105NT Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-105NT


Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT

Elegant design for impressive on-stage presence

Möbius strip like design provides continuity between front and back.
Three-dimensional form designed to appeal to the audience when performing live.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT


Easy switchover from traditional acoustic violin

The same shape as acoustic violins accepts standard shoulder/chin rests and tailpiece

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT

Organic form enhances the feel and qualities of the woods used

Finished to enhance the natural beauty of the materials used (NT model).

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT


Natural sound and response of YEV-105 allows performers to freely bring out their musical expression.


Carefully selected maple with mahogany and spruce in a 5-layer construction results in excellent response and natural overall sound.

* The black model has the same construction, but the layers cannot be seen.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT


A 5-layer oil-finished walnut frame offers an ideal blend of flexibility and strength
in a design that is not only striking, but also contributes to natural musical resonance.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT


The same type of high-output passive bridge pickup that is a highly regarded feature of the SV250 is used. While effectively picking up the sound of the entire instrument, it also captures the instrument’s response and expressive bowing nuances employed by the player.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT

Selector Switch

Selects direct output of the pickup signal, or output via the instrument’s volume control.
Direct output delivers the instrument’s full sonic potential, with rich lows and punchy impact.

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT

Connections and System Examples

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT



Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT


Output Jack

The 1/4" jack output is positioned so that there no interference while playing

Yamaha - MrSilverTrumpet YEV-104NT

Yamaha also makes the YSV-104

So what is the difference between the YEV-104 and the YSV-104?

YEV = Yamaha Electric Violin

YSV = Yamaha Silent Violin
Practice - N/A Practice - 1/8" jack to a control box then to Headphones
Performance - 1/4' jack - Plug into Amp Performance - 1/8" jack to control box then to an Amp
Finish - Natural wood frame and body Finish - Lacquer solid-body with lightweight frame
Price - Starting at $665.00 Price - Starting at $775.00

Complete Package Includes:

Yamaha Violin Super Lightweight Gig Case

Yamaha Gig Bag

D'Addario Light Rosin

Yamaha Rosin

Glasser Bow - GL-201H

Glasser Bow

YEV-105 Electric Violin Includes:

YEV-105 Violin
Owner's manual

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